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13 reasons why you should sleep with your pup

Gone are the days when dogs were kept confined to the doghouse
Over 55% of dog guardians confirm that they share the bed with one dog atleast
Sleeping with your pup is great for you
It's not only about the steady heartbeat, body warmth and protective nature
Or because they make amazing side pillows
Sleeping with your dog has been shown to boost mental health
Here are 13 scientific reasons to back up why you must sleep with your pup
Activities with animals have shown to reduce depression
Sleeping with your dog causes oxytocin production which sends you into a state of relaxation
Sleeping with your pup promotes the production of the theta brainwaves which enhances REM stage of sleep
When dogs are with their guardians, the heartbeats work in sync.
Improves the feeling of safety and security of the guardian
If you are an insomniac, especially anxiety induced, your dog can help you relax and fall asleep quicker
Having the dog with you reduces nightmares and helps people cope with PTSD
Having your pup with you reduces the feeling of loneliness and purposelessness
Those who sleep with their pups kept better routines
People feel less stressed out when they sleep with their pups and spend time with them
Spending time with your pup stabilizes blood pressure
Having your pup with you during sleep time increases your bond with your fur kid
Spending time with your pup promotes a healthy heart health
Contrary to popular belief, people who sleep with their dogs are less prone to developing allergies later in life
Your pup can help reduce your triglyceride and cholesterol levels
Now you know how your pup can help you lead a healthier and more fulfilling life ahead
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