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What does your dog want from you?

Do dogs only want food and pets?
Or are their demands different and we are unable to hear?
Check out the 15 things dogs really want from us
Loads of pets, love, butt scratches and finally belly rubs
Your stinkiest and dirtiest clothes, especially socks
More and more and more toys
Mind stimulation games
No fancy outfit. Outfits should only be put when your dog needs it. Not when you need it
Undisturbed naps in quiet regions
Your side of the bed
Interview other dogs by sniffing their butts
Check the pee-mail left by friends
To go everywhere with you, even the washroom
Baby talks and lots of 'I Love You' but no scolding or shouting
To be kept away from strangers
Praise every little thing they do
Your loving glances
For their guardians to be happy
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