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Train your dog to sit in 5 easy steps

Sit is the most basic of all dog commands
This is the first command you must teach your dog

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Here is how you can train your dog to sit in __ easy steps
Get a lot of enticing treats

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Call your dog to come to you.
Slowly move the treat above your dog's head
Your dog will follow the treat with his head, slowing moving backwards
The moment your dog's butt touches the floor, say SIT and offer the treat
If your dog jumps, say NO
A few attempts, and you should have your dog sitting for treats.
Practice the SIT command everyday for 5 minutes at a time at different times of the day.
Your dog will be well versed in SIT by the end of the week
Keep practicing the command on a regular basis
Eventually, your dog will sit even if you do not offer treats.
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