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16 things you need to know before getting a Labrador

Labradors make one of the best house companions ever
Labradors are super affectionate and very lovable
Here are 16 things you must know before adopting a Labrador
Love to chew and destroy
Need plenty of space to let out all pent up energy
Easy to groom. Do not need too many baths
Overall a healthy breed but susceptible towards health problems
Need a lot of time and attention growing up
Need to be trained from early ages
Require at least one hour of exercise every day
They are the fastest runners
They learn super quick
Very loving and loyal. This makes them favorable as guide dogs
Labradors can sniff out diseases
They have double coats for protection
Their average life span is short (~10 years)
Come in 3 colors:
Have very high pain threshold
Goofiness level 100/10
If you have kids,  a Labrador  is a great choice for your home.
Do not skip on the training otherwise they can bring your whole house down
Labradors are one of the most lovable breeds and will be the perfect addition to any family
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