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How to take flawless selfies with your pup?

Taking a selfie with your dog can be challenging
The biggest challenge is to have your dog sit still enough to take one decent photo
You have to be an experienced multitasker to be able to take good selfies with your dog
When the pose is right and your dog is still, the camera falls off
Here are 8 tips to get flawless selfies with your pup
Tire your pup out before you decide to take photos
Make sure your pup is comfortable. Arrange yourself around him/her
Have a treat positioned above the camera. This way your pup will look at the camera
Keep the lighting soft
Avoid using flash as it can hurt your dog's eyes
Keep the background minimal so that you and your pup are the highlight of the photo
Invest in a good quality camera
Spend some time in planning and execution
I hope these tips come in handy when taking selfies with your pup
Have a blast..!!
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