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Why do dogs howl?

The howling of dogs has always intrigued humans
What does the howl signify?
Does it mean the dog is sad?
Different cultures all over the world have different interpretation of dog howl
Here are the scientific and psychological reasons behind a dog's howl
Dogs howl to call their pack members towards them
When your dog howls at home, he/she is calling on you because you are a part of your dog's pack
Dogs howl to inform the scouts of the pack about the pack's location so that the scouts can follow the howl and get back
Dogs howl to indicate that the territory has been taken and the intruders will be violently dealt with
Dogs howl to indicate that they are feeling anxious or stressed
If your dog is constantly howling, he/she might be suffering from separation anxiety
If your dog is howling when you are in the room, he/she is looking for attention
Dogs respond to environmental cues by howling
Dogs howl to bond with other dogs
If the howling was encouraged the first time, the dog will howl again.
Dogs also howl to express their injury or pain. they vocalize their pain by howling
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