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What are dog zoomies?

What are dog zoomies?

What are dog zoomies?

Have you ever wondered what do dog zoomies mean? When your dog frantically runs around the house for apparently no reason, it looks cute but it also raises a question. What is this behavior of dog zoomies? Why do dogs do it?
What are dog zoomies?
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Dog zoomies or as they are scientifically referred to as frantic random activity periods (FRAPS) are unmistakable energy explosions that occur in dogs. Your dog suddenly decides to get rid of pent up energy. Zoomies are all that is needed to get rid of that excess energy. Zoomies are most often repetitive and frantic like running in circles or spinning around for no reason. The primary cause behind dog zoomies is a buildup of excess energy in the dog which is released in one huge burst of zoomies.

Let’s look at why dog zoomies occur.

What are dog zoomies exactly? Zoomies is a process by which there is a sudden release of energy by the dog. You may have noticed the zoomies behavior in your dog right after your dog comes out from a bath. Zoom is the euphoric as well as a frantic dash that your dog does around the house and keeps on doing it till he or she starts panting or is devoid of energy.
Zoomies are most commonly observed in the case of younger dogs. It is simply a way to release all the pent-up energy in the dog. Any dog can have a case of zoomies. However, this behavior is most commonly observed right after a bath, before sleep time, or during playtime.
As I mentioned above, the scientific name for this sudden burst of energy from dogs is referred to as frantic random activity periods (FRAPs). However, for easy understanding, this behavior is referred to by dog guardians as zoomies or rips. If you have ever noticed your dog running around the house like a maniac, it is most likely that your dog is doing zoomies.
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The zoomies behavior is fairly common in young dogs

If your puppy is still young, zoomies will be a common behavior and nothing for you to worry about. Dog zoomies are a quick way to release the pent-up energy which builds up in the dog.
Zoomies is generally observed more in the case of younger dogs compared to older dogs. This does not mean that older dogs do not undergo zoomies. Older dogs do zoomies too but mostly during playtime. As a dog matures, these bursts of energy tend to reduce
Even though this behavior is commonly observed in the case of younger dogs, it may be a sign that your dog is not getting enough exercise. If you notice this behavior in your pup right before bedtime, it is an indication that the dog did not get enough exercise during the daytime.
If your dog often gets a case of zoomies, give him or her more physical as well as mental activities. You can add a few mental stimulation games to your dog’s daily routine to tire out the brain. For dogs, a five-minute mental stimulation game like puzzle toys, find the treat, etc can be as tiring as a 30-minute walk in the park.

Dogs zoomies happen right after the bath

This is one time where you are guaranteed to observe your dogs doing zoomies. Does your dog go crazy and frantic right after you have let him out of the shower? If your answer is yes, rest assured you are not alone.
Almost all dogs go through a case of zoomies right after bath time. It is not known what happens to the dog during the bath but they go nuts after the bath is over. They will run around the house, jump up all the furniture, rub their body everywhere and go zooming from one room to the other. Most dog guardians are quite familiar with the post-bath zoomies ritual which the dogs do.
According to experts, bathing is a nervous experience for dogs. Even those dogs who like to swim and love rolling in mud puddles, hate to take a bath at home. Therefore, giving your dog a bath causes a buildup of negative energy in the dog. The quickest and easiest way to get rid of this negative energy is dog zoomies. This is why dog zoomies occur right after bath time. This is their way of letting the relief seep in that the bath is finally over.

Zoomies during playtime

It is very common for dogs to get excited when they are playing. Excitement causes a buildup of energy in the dog which they can easily release by indulging in zoomies. You must have noticed your dog running around the yard, with his or her tongue out looking super cute and adorable. This behavior is most often due to the excitement and energy which builds up during playtime.
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Zoomies involves huge bursts of speed

Do not even try to capture your dog when he or she is going through a case of zoomies. Chances are you will fall flat on your face and your dog will run around in circles laughing at you from inside. Those undergoing dog zoomies will run around the yard at the speed of a bullet in large circles and exhibit repetitive spins. You will notice that your dog starts to run with the back end lowered or tugged, the eyes looking frantic and super excited and maneuvering a lot of sharp turns and spins with certain direction changes. A lot of dog guardians have even reported that when the dogs are busy with zoomies, it looks like the back end is actually running at a faster speed than the front end of the dog.

Precursors to dog zoomies

There is always a reason behind dog zoomies. This usually happens either after the dog gets overexcited or when they go out after being inside for a long time. This behavior can also be observed if a dog meets another dog or when they see their favorite person. Other times when dog zoomies are observed are after a bath, after being groomed, being released from the crate, after pooping or after anything which requires the dog to be restrained in any way possible.

Zoomies are a natural part of the dog behavior

There is nothing wrong with dog zoomies as long as the zoomies is occurring in a safe place. As long as a dog does not run into the middle of the road or through dangerous objects or goes into a region where there are sharp tools present, zoomies are safe for the dog. In case your dog chases his or her tail a lot, do not mistake this behavior as part of the dog zoomies spectrum. This behavior actually comes under obsessive-compulsive disorder in dogs

Zoomies last for a short period

Dog zoomies last for a couple of minutes or even less. The maximum duration that a dog zoomies has continued is for a period of 10 minutes.

It is not impossible to stop dog zoomies

It may be hard to stop a dog mid-zoomies as they have a very high burst of speed and energy. It is best if you wait out since the dog zoomies do not last for a very long period of time. You can redirect your dog’s attention by running away from him and allowing him or her to chase you. Alternatively, you can also throw your dog’s toy in the direction you want the dog to go. However, these actions will depend on how good your dog’s recall capability is.
The sooner your dog follows your commands and returns to you or goes into the specified direction, the zoomies will die down. If your dog is overly excited, chances are he or she will not be able to register your command immediately. Do not charge at your dog when he or she is in the clutches of the zoomies behavior. This will only increase your dog’s excitement and may add to the zoomies duration.

Dogs are not the only species who indulge in zoomies behavior

A lesser-known fact is that there are other species also who indulge in zoomies. Zoomies have been observed to occur in animals like goats, horses, ferrets, bears, elephants, etc.
However, there is just something about watching a dog do zoom that makes us happy. The happiness, silliness, and carefree attitude of the dog somehow gets rubbed on the human guardians as well when the dogs go through their zoomies motion.
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Now that you know everything about dog zoomies, which is the time of the day when your dog shows this behavior the maximum? Does your dog indulge in zoomies right after bath time? Please share your experiences with us and the world in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Frequently asked questions

Are dog zoomies bad?

Dog zoomies are technically harmless if your dog is indulging in this behavior in a safe place. However, if your dog is near the road or in a place where there are a lot of pebbles, nails, or sharp objects, this behavior can cause harm to your dog. Therefore you should exercise your dog mentally as well as physically on an everyday basis so that the zoomies behavior can be kept to a minimum.
Do dogs grow out of zoomies?
Zoomies depend on having pent-up energy in the dog. This pent-up energy is observed more in puppies than in older dogs. Therefore, as the dog grows older, the zoomies behavior reduces.

How do I stop my dog from indulging in zoomies?

If you want to stop your dog from indulging in the zoomies behavior, keep a few points in mind:
  • Keep in mind your safety as well as your dogs
  • Check your dog for any kind of compulsive behavior
  • Do not charge your dog. It is only likely to add to your dog’s excitement and prolong the zoomies period.
  • Teach your dog the recall commands
  • Run in the opposite direction of your dog
  • Throw a ball or a toy in the direction where you want your dog to go.
  • Regularly exercise your dog mentally as well as physically
  • If it is hot outside, do not let your dog zoom around in hot weather.

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