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Welcome to your complete dog care guide

Hello there..!!

If you are reading this, you are an amazing dog parent/caregiver, looking for the best dog care tips available. Well, I'd say you are at the right place. Here you will find tips on dog care, grooming, health, diseases, behaviour, and training.

Who am I?

Well. I am Shruti Bhattacharya. A student pursuing Ph.D. in Immunology and mom to the most amazing fur baby, Delta Bunny. He is the joy of my life besides my husband. He is also the reason why I keep leafing through veterinary research journals to find any and everything which will make his life richer and  full of happiness :).
Delta Bunny, the rising pupstar

I have started this blog with the aim to provide dog lovers all across the world, the best dog care guide available on the basis of scientific research as well as my personal experiences.

So you leave all the hard work of looking, collecting and collating the research information about providing the best dog care to me. You just sit back and play with your pooch. It is my responsibility to send you the top notch care tips which would make your and your pooch's life so amazing.

What do I ask for in return?

A very small favour

I would really appreciate if you guys can drop your personal experiences or your experience after trying one of my tips in the comment section. It would provide me so much motivation to go on and keep looking for the best available resources to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Also, I am super happy to tell you all that THE HAPPY PUPPERS has ranked at the 95th place in THE TOP 200 DOG BLOGS.

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