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There may be times where you are stuck with a problem to which you are unable to find answers. You have scored Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, yet you feel disappointed. None of the forums gave you a solution which was usable and seemed right to you. During such situations, feel free to reach out to me by filling up the contact form below. I will not only try to find a solution to your problem, I might also learn something new in the process. So, it is a beneficial opportunity for the both of us. It will enhance my knowledge and it will get you the answers which you need.

This is a safe space. Whatever problem you mention here with be confidential and not shared with anyone.

Furthermore, if you feel like sharing any of your pup related stories or anecdotes with others, you can reach me through the following form. I will be happy to publish your story on the blog and share it with the world. No problem or difficulty is small or irrelevant. The story of your past might be someone’s current situation. Hence, never feel bad about sharing your story. If you wish to contact me, kindly add your details to the form below: