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Amazing homemade eye wipes for dogs recipes

Homemade eye wipes for dogs: 2 recipes

Homemade eye wipes for dogs: 2 recipes

How to make homemade eye wipes for dogs?

In this post, I discuss how you can make homemade dog eye wipes. In my previous post, I discussed how the dog eye tear stains can be problematic for dogs endowed with light colored or long fur. The stains can gather under the eyes, cause matting of the fur, or can get into the skin folds of your dog’s face and increase the chances of fungal infection due to accumulation of the moisture. These stains are due to the discharge released from the eyes.

Even though dog tear stains only cause cosmetic issues, they still cause your dog to look unattractive and may cause infection(in dogs with facial folds) if not cleaned properly from time to time.

Lucky for you, I have two amazing recipes for homemade eye wipes for dogs. The recipe is very simple and can be made easily and quickly. If you want to make homemade eye wipes for dogs, read on till the end.

For easy reading, I have divided the blog post into the following sections

What you will need to make the homemade dog eye cleaner?

Instructions on how to make it

Tips and FAQs

What you will need?

Instructions on how to make the eye wipes?


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The ingredients needed for making the homemade eye wipes for dogs

  1. 2 cups of filtered or distilled water
  2. 2 tablespoon of natural dog shampoo (preferably a high quality one)
  3. A sturdy paper towel roll
  4. A vacuum container for storing the homemade eye wipes for dogs

Instructions on how to prepare the homemade dog eye wipes:

The eye wipes can be made in 4 easy steps:

1. Cut the roll of paper towel in half

Keep the paper towel next to the airtight container and mark the towel a little below the lid of the container. Cut the towel where the mark has been placed. To cut the roll, you can use and serrated kitchen knife.

2. Combine the ingredients for the dog eye wipes:

In a big bowl, mix your chosen shampoo or cleaning agent with water until it is completely mixed. For the cleaning agent, you can either use a natural dog shampoo or dish detergent. However, it is preferable to us a mild shampoo rather than anything strong as you will be cleaning regions around your dog’s eyes.

3. Pour the detergent-water mixture over the roll

The first step to this task would be to put the roll in the container. Following this, pour the detergent-water mixture over the roll in the container. For the detergent, dog shampoo is preferred as the shampoo already contains all essential oils needed to make this recipe for homemade dog eye wipes work for your pup’s eye stains. Fill the container until the roll gets completely soaked.

4. Pull the roll one by one:

Make a hole in the center of the container cap so you can pull out the wipes one by one from the center. This is also done so that the unused wipes don’t come in contact with the air or any kind of contaminants.

And voila!! You are all set to clean your dog’s eyes.

 Some more tips and frequently asked questions:

 How to choose a good detergent?

Always go for the saponified oil cleaners. These oils when combined with the natural antiseptics can make an amazing recipe for cleaning the eyes and fold regions which tend to harbor a lot of microorganisms. This is the reason why dog shampoos are a better option that using multiple ingredients.

What type of shampoo should you go for?

It is preferable to go for shampoos which are gentle, unscented, vet recommended. It Is even better if the shampoo has essential oils like coconut, olive or jojoba oils. The essential oils can be a big help in loosening the dirt and gunk which gathers around the eyes and prevent tear staining in your pup.

Presence of aloe vera and rosemary in the dog shampoo can provide some added benefits like of inhibiting the bacterial growth.

 One additional thing to keep in mind is to not opt for any shampoo which contains parabens or any other harsh chemicals in them as these chemicals can cause irritation to your dog’s skin.

Are baby wipes okay for use on my dog?

NO!! Not at all. The skin of your baby and your dog have different pH levels. Thus, ALWAYS AVOID using baby wipes for anything that is dog related.

Always wipe the region around your pup’s eye. The solution must never go into your dog’s eye.

Can you use this solution as a whole-body wipe if needed?

Did you dog roll up in a little dirt or got slightly dusty and its not tie for his or her bath yet? If this is the case, you can definitely use the eye wipe as a whole-body wipe for your pup for a quick clean. 

Recipe 2 of homemade dog eye wipes:

Needed ingredients:

Aloe vera is the perfect ingredient to calm chapped or irritated skin. It also helps to boost the antiseptic power and can keep the viruses and bacteria away from the folds and the regions near the eye.

Sweet almond oil is an amazing moisturizer. It is also known to reduce skin inflammation.

Instructions on how to make the DIY dog eye cleaner?

Mix equal parts of the Aloe Vera gel, sweet almond oil and finally the unfiltered water. If the consistency of the oil seems to be too thick, add some more water to achieve the desired consistency. The consistency you will be aiming for here is like baby oil.

Once you are done, pour the mixture into a bottle and seal it.

When needed, shake the bottle first to blend all the ingredients inside, take out a pea sized quantity and spread it on the soft tissue paper. The concoction is now ready for use.

Bonus Tip:

Remember this serum is to be used for external purposes only. Avoid bringing the serum in contact with the eye of your pup. Discontinue the use if it seems that your pup might be allergic to the contents.

 Some final thoughts:

Remember to clean your dog’s eyes regularly. Keep a schedule and stick to it. It is preferable to consult your vet before you embark on the journey of DI products for your adorable pup. There are some commercial dog eye wipes available as well like the Angel eyes. However, commercial products contain harmful chemicals which may not be suitable for your pup. Thus, always consult your vet regarding any dog care products. 

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