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29 July 2021

Off leash training, tips and tricks

These tips and tricks will make off leash training easier for every dog guardian
27 July 2021

Off leash training: a complete guide

Easy off leash training techniques to make the life of the dog and the guardian easier.
24 July 2021

How to take care of a senior dog? 16 brilliant tips

Let’s look at a few tips and tricks on how to take care of a senior dog.
21 July 2021

Stop puppy nipping behavior! A survival guide for new guardians

  Stop puppy nipping behavior in 6 easy steps
13 July 2021

My pup has worms! The complete guide to puppy deworming.

Your pup has worms ? Read the entire blog post to understand everything you need to know about puppy deworming.
12 July 2021

Gum diseases in dogs

Gum diseases in dogs: the complete guide
11 July 2021

Dog toys importance and role in dog development

Dog toys importance. A complete guide to choosing the right toy for your pup
10 July 2021

Periodontitis in dogs: causes, symptoms, treatments

Periodontitis in dogs can negatively affect their quality of life.
09 July 2021

Halloween safety tips for dogs

How to keep your pup safe during Halloween. 7 amazing Halloween safety tips for dogs
08 July 2021

Training Rescue Terriers

  A guest post by Amy Green from
07 July 2021

Dog teeth brushing vs Dental chews, which is better?

Dog teeth brushing or dog dental chews, which is a better option for your pup? One of the challenges of dog care is to keep their teeth clean. Yes! Like us, they too need oral care. Some dog guardians lean towards dog teeth brushing while in other cases they lean towards dental chews. Some dog guardians argue that during the old times or in the wild, dogs spent thousands of years without any sort of oral cleaning, teeth brushing or any form of oral care. Yes, this is true, not only dogs but humans also went without any kind of oral hygiene. However, our mouths as well as our dogs bore the brunt of the sheer negligence. Dogs and humans suffered from gum diseases , e arly tooth loss, severe pain etc. Humans and dogs were also not seen to live as long back then as they do today. Now, we finally understand the importance of teeth brushing regularly, yearly cleanings as well as proper dental care. Granted, we eat more cavity causing items like candies, chocolates, sweets etc. and we kee
06 July 2021

Seizures in dogs: Causes, symptoms, types, Treatments

Seizures in dogs: what you need to know as a dog guardian.
05 July 2021

Acute and chronic vomiting in dogs: Causes

Understand the causes behind acute and chronic vomiting in dogs. We all worry about our dog’s welfare. It is our job as dog guardians to do so. The most common causes behind dog vomiting is ingestion of something not meant for dogs. In some cases, vomiting may be a good thing. But this is not always the case. Hence, understanding the causes behind the acute and chronic vomiting in dogs can be a huge help.
03 July 2021

Dogs vomiting clear liquid. When and why?

Dogs vomiting clear liquid can be extremely worrisome for dog guardians. Read the complete blog post to understand the causes behind the same.
02 July 2021

Mange in dogs: causes, symptoms, remedies

  A dog guardian’s complete guide to understanding mange in dogs: the different types, the symptoms of each and the remedies
01 July 2021

Caring for a new puppy? 10 tips to becoming an amazing dog guardian

Here are 10 tips to turn you into a super dog guardian and get you ready for caring for a new puppy