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28 September 2021

Bone broth for dogs: the secret to your dog's longevity

I am always on the lookout for the next best thing in dog care. To be honest, bone broth for dogs beats the competition by a mile.
25 September 2021

Apple cider vinegar for dogs | an untapped resource | 17 benefits

Apple cider vinegar for dogs is like an untapped resource. 
22 September 2021

What are dog zoomies? All you need to know about the zoomies behavior

Have you ever wondered what do dog zoomies mean? When your dog frantically runs around the house for apparently no reason, it looks cute but it also raises a question. What is this behavior of dog zoomies? Why do dogs do it?
20 September 2021

Why do dogs lick you? 5 reasons | How to stop such behavior?

Have you ever wondered, why do dogs lick you? If you are looking for an answer to this question, you are at the right place. Keep reading all the way to the end to understand why do dogs lick people.
15 September 2021

What is dog dementia? The signs, symptoms and remedies

 Dogs suffer from Alzheimer like conditions too. This is referred to as dog dementia.
13 September 2021

10 Rottweiler health issues: what you need to know as a dog guardian

Are you worried about Rottweiler health issues? You have come to the right place. In this blog post, I will be discussing the most common health issues faced by Rottweilers.
08 September 2021

German Shepherd health issues: 21 diseases you must be aware of

Unraveling the 21 German Shepherd health issues which have a high chance of affecting your German shepherd pup and how to prevent them.
06 September 2021

How to stop excessive howling in dogs? 9 amazing tips

To stop excessive howling in dogs, you need to understand why do dogs howl in the first place.
04 September 2021

What does dog howling mean? Why do dogs howl? 8 reasons

One of the most common questions in a dog guardian’s mind is ‘what does dog howling mean?’ and ‘why do my dogs howl?’ 
02 September 2021

Dogs have nightmares! How to help your dog when stuck in a nightmare?

Dogs have been known to dream. The spend a good part of the day sleeping. However, have you ever wondered if your dogs have nightmares?
30 August 2021

Post surgery dog care: 15 tips for an easy and quick recovery

Post surgery dog care made easy with these 15 brilliant tips
26 August 2021

A complete guide to puppy potty training

 Here is a complete guide to puppy potty training within a period of 7 days.
24 August 2021

The different types of dog collars and their uses

Let's understand the different types of dog collars and their purpose in dog t raining
22 August 2021

Coconut oil for dogs, 22 benefits every dog parent must know

Coconut oil for dogs, the good, the bad, and the ugly
20 August 2021

Different types of no shock training collars for dogs

Shock collars are not a humane option. Why not try the different types of no shock training collars to find which suits your needs?
18 August 2021

Types of shock collars

So you have decided to train your dog using a shock collar. Have you considered the types of shock collars available in the market?
16 August 2021

Why shock collars don't work?

There have been lots of discussions about the pros and cons of the shock collar. Let’s now discuss why shock collars don’t work.
13 August 2021

How to use shock collars?

Shock collars are the new thing in dog care. But do you know how to use shock collar? It’s your way the right way? Let’s find out.
11 August 2021

Upset stomach in dogs: the causes, symptoms and remedies.

What causes upset stomach in dogs? What are the causes and remedies for the same?
09 August 2021

Dog teeth discoloration : causes and remedies

Why does dog teeth discoloration occur in the first place? What are the causes and what actions can be taken regarding the same?
29 July 2021

Off leash training, tips and tricks

These tips and tricks will make off leash training easier for every dog guardian
27 July 2021

Off leash training: a complete guide

Easy off leash training techniques to make the life of the dog and the guardian easier.
24 July 2021

How to take care of a senior dog? 16 brilliant tips

Let’s look at a few tips and tricks on how to take care of a senior dog.
21 July 2021

Stop puppy nipping behavior! A survival guide for new guardians

  Stop puppy nipping behavior in 6 easy steps
13 July 2021

My pup has worms! The complete guide to puppy deworming.

Your pup has worms ? Read the entire blog post to understand everything you need to know about puppy deworming.
12 July 2021

Gum diseases in dogs

Gum diseases in dogs: the complete guide
11 July 2021

Dog toys importance and role in dog development

Dog toys importance. A complete guide to choosing the right toy for your pup
10 July 2021

Periodontitis in dogs: causes, symptoms, treatments

Periodontitis in dogs can negatively affect their quality of life.
09 July 2021

Halloween safety tips for dogs

How to keep your pup safe during Halloween. 7 amazing Halloween safety tips for dogs
08 July 2021

Training Rescue Terriers

  A guest post by Amy Green from
07 July 2021

Dog teeth brushing vs Dental chews, which is better?

Dog teeth brushing or dog dental chews, which is a better option for your pup? One of the challenges of dog care is to keep their teeth clean. Yes! Like us, they too need oral care. Some dog guardians lean towards dog teeth brushing while in other cases they lean towards dental chews. Some dog guardians argue that during the old times or in the wild, dogs spent thousands of years without any sort of oral cleaning, teeth brushing or any form of oral care. Yes, this is true, not only dogs but humans also went without any kind of oral hygiene. However, our mouths as well as our dogs bore the brunt of the sheer negligence. Dogs and humans suffered from gum diseases , e arly tooth loss, severe pain etc. Humans and dogs were also not seen to live as long back then as they do today. Now, we finally understand the importance of teeth brushing regularly, yearly cleanings as well as proper dental care. Granted, we eat more cavity causing items like candies, chocolates, sweets etc. and we kee
06 July 2021

Seizures in dogs: Causes, symptoms, types, Treatments

Seizures in dogs: what you need to know as a dog guardian.
05 July 2021

Acute and chronic vomiting in dogs: Causes

Understand the causes behind acute and chronic vomiting in dogs. We all worry about our dog’s welfare. It is our job as dog guardians to do so. The most common causes behind dog vomiting is ingestion of something not meant for dogs. In some cases, vomiting may be a good thing. But this is not always the case. Hence, understanding the causes behind the acute and chronic vomiting in dogs can be a huge help.
03 July 2021

Dogs vomiting clear liquid. When and why?

Dogs vomiting clear liquid can be extremely worrisome for dog guardians. Read the complete blog post to understand the causes behind the same.
02 July 2021

Mange in dogs: causes, symptoms, remedies

  A dog guardian’s complete guide to understanding mange in dogs: the different types, the symptoms of each and the remedies
01 July 2021

Caring for a new puppy? 10 tips to becoming an amazing dog guardian

Here are 10 tips to turn you into a super dog guardian and get you ready for caring for a new puppy
30 June 2021

Parvovirus in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatments

Parvovirus in dogs, a knowledge all new dog guardians must be armed with.
29 June 2021

How to trim your dog’s nails safely?

Trimming your dog’s nails is an important part of dog care process. To know how to trim your dog’s nails safely read the entire blog post.
28 June 2021

15 tips to keep your dog’s coat shiny.

Shiny coat is an important part of good dog care. Check out these 15 amazing tips to keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy.
27 June 2021

How to calm your dog during the 4th of July fireworks

4th of July can be a very difficult time for dogs who are afraid of fireworks. In this article, I discuss a few tips by which you can calm your dog during the fireworks session.
26 June 2021

Is shaving the dog a good option?

Shaving the dog: Are there any advantages?
25 June 2021

DIY Dog grooming: learn to do it the correct way

If you are planning to groom your dog at home, you need to know the basic steps and the dos and don’ts of dog grooming .
24 June 2021

Benadryl for dogs. Is it safe? Other herbal alternatives

As dog guardians you must have heard of Benadryl for dogs. Is it a safe option as an over-the-counter medication? Let’s find out.
23 June 2021

27 Super foods for dogs: It is time to up the game. Part II

Let's discuss the remaining superfoods for dogs
22 June 2021

27 Super foods for dogs Part I: it’s time to up the game

Transform your pup’s regular boring kibble diet to a vibrant colorful and yummy version by adding superfoods. Which are the best superfoods for dogs? Part I
21 June 2021

Benefits of turmeric for dogs

Is turmeric for dogs an amazing supplement or is all of this just a hype? Let’s find out.
20 June 2021

Garlic in dogs: it's time to know the whole truth

We have all heard about the amazing benefits of garlic for dogs. On the contrary we have also heard the garlic may be poisonous to dogs. So, what should you believe in?
19 June 2021

Tick bite fever in dogs: The causes, symptoms and remedies

Most dog guardians have heard of Lyme disease caused by tick. However, have you heard of tick fever which can cause serious complication in your dogs?
18 June 2021

Lyme disease in dogs: the symptoms, causes, treatment and home remedies

This blog post focuses on helping you understand the causes behind Lyme disease in dogs, the symptoms, the treatment as well as preventive home remedies.
17 June 2021

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in dogs, one of the deadliest tick diseases

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in dogs, causes, symptoms, treatment strategies and finally prevention
16 June 2021

Home remedies to eliminate ticks from your pup, 32 amazing dog care tips

Ticks can be a pesky problem for both you and your dog. In serious condition, ticks can even be fatal to your pup. Check out these amazing home remedies to remove ticks from both your dog and your house.
15 June 2021

Tick bite paralysis in dogs: Causes, symptoms, treatment and remedies.

Tick bite paralysis in dogs can be fatal. The causes, symptoms and preventive measures. 
14 June 2021

Tick bites in dogs: 7 deadly diseases. All you must know as a dog guardian

Tick bites in dogs, seven diseases, symptoms, treatments and preventive measures
09 June 2021

Fleas in dogs treatment, transmission and protection

Fleas in dogs treatment, and all else you must know
07 June 2021

Make homemade eye wipes for dogs. 2 amazing recipes

How to make homemade eye wipes for dogs?
04 June 2021

Dog tear stains. 8 causes, treatment modes and 10 remedies.

Remove the dog tear stains under your pup’s eyes and make your pup look even cuter.
01 June 2021

How to introduce your dog to a new pup. 14 tips

Read the complete blog post to know  how to introduce your current dog to a new pup
28 May 2021

Why is agility training important for your dog?

If your dog displays anxiousness or fearfulness, you may think agility training is out of question for your pup. However, the reality is far from the truth. 
24 May 2021

How to STOP excessive barking in dogs? 6 Amazing Tips

Is your dog barking his/her head off and disturbing you and the neighbors?    Read the full blog post to know the causes and corrective measures you can take to curb this behavior 
11 May 2021

Why do dogs drink their urine? 11 Causes and 19 remedies

Updated on July 15th, 2021 I cannot imagine how grossed out you must have felt when you saw your dogs drink their urine for the first time! Read the complete blog post to understand the causes behind such behavior and how to rectify it.
30 April 2021

How to calm an aggressive dog? 10 Brilliant tips

Are you wondering how to stop your dog from being aggressive all the time?
25 April 2021

Why do dogs love mud?

Let’s understand first, why dog’s find mud so appealing When you take your pup out for walks, it is almost impossible for them to resist rolling in the mud. Have you ever wondered the reason behind such behavior? If you are looking for an answer to this weird behavior, you have come to the right place. Read the full article to understand the reasons behind such behavior, and how to curb it.
28 March 2021

Herbal remedies for cataracts in dogs

Cataract is one of the worst nightmare for any dog guardian. Read the complete blog post to know all the herbal remedies for cataracts in dogs Have you noticed that your dog’s eyes are starting to cloud up with a whitish tinge? This is generally indicative towards the fact that your dog is probably developing cataract. Just like humans, dogs can also get affected by cataract. It causes a white haze to form in front of the lens of the eye and impedes your dog’s vision.    If you are worried about your dog developing this heinous disease and losing his or her version, read the full blog post to know the home remedies you can use to prevent cataract as well as to heal your dog if he or she is suffering from cataract. Do you know why cataracts occur in dogs and what are the normal preventive measures available for the same? I invite you to check out my blog post on cataract: cataracts in dogs the causes symptoms and treatment options. When dogs develop cataract, the crystalline lens
06 March 2021

Cataracts in dogs, the unseen demon: causes, symptoms and treatments

Is your dog suffering from cataract? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, I will discuss the causes, symptoms and the treatment strategies of the same.
02 March 2021

Vitamin requirements for dogs. 8 essential tips for dog care

Brought home a new puppy? Do you need to know what supplements are required? Then you are at just the right place. Read the full blog post to understand what your puppy really needs.
23 February 2021

12 amazing herbal remedies for kennel cough in dogs

  It's time to know the herbal remedies which can cure your dog suffering from kennel cough   In my previous poor I discussed kennel cough, the causes, and symptoms of the same. In this post, I will discuss the herbal remedies which can prevent Kennel cough in your dog.   Kennel cough is just like the common cold in dogs. It can infect your dog if he/she comes is contact with any other dog. Kennel cough can infect your dog if your dog cones ins direct contact with an infected dog-like touching noses, using contaminated surfaces like water, food or food bowl or even by touching noses or droplet. Kennel cough sounds like a dreadful disease. However, it is fairly treatable. Have a discussion with your veterinarian regarding the herbal remedies and your dog's current condition before administering any of them to your dogs. If the condition persists, call your veterinarian immediately.. 1.      Add probiotics to your dog's diet:  Probiotics are not only good for your dog