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31 December 2020

2021 resolutions for all dog guardians

 It is the time of the year to take some new resolutions to ensure a better 2021 for your dog.

2020 has been a one-of-a-kind year for all of us. From coronavirus to lock down to difficulty in finding veterinary services, times have been really tough. Now as 2020 comes to an end and 2021 begins, I see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. As responsible dog guardians, let’s make a few new resolutions for the new year so that we can provide our pups and dogs a better quality of life and a better year overall. While we do take resolutions for ourselves like, exercising more, going on a diet, staying more active, drinking more water, achieving a certain set of goals etc., we often land up ignoring the resolutions we owe our dogs. The joy and happiness that we receive every day from our dogs, they deserve a little bit from us in return as well. So here are a few resolutions you can include in your list of resolutions which can make your dog’s life so much better.

2021 resolutions for all dog guardians

  1. Learn more about dog first aid

Dogs are restless animals. They love to play, bite, chew, claw etc. it’s impossible for a dog to not get hurt in the billing process. Most of us are not lucky to the limit to have a veterinarian stay with us 24/7. Thus, it is of utmost importance that as dog guardians, we educate ourselves about dog first aid also have a first aid kit ready in case a sudden need arises. The first part of understanding dog first aid is how to control bleeding whose details you will find in thehappypuppers blog.


  1. Measure the quantity before giving the food to your dog.

Just like humans, dogs can also become overweight due to excessive feeding or free feeding. A few breeds like Labradors have a tendency to gain weight very easily. Such breeds should never be free fed food. Thus, make a resolution to always keep a check on your dogs food quantity so that you can prevent him or her from becoming obese. As per a recent survey, 54% of the dogs in the United States have been classified as either being overweight or obese while in UK,  60% of the vets are concerned about obesity as the biggest dog health concern. Thus, the number one goal of your new year should be to prevent overfeeding. Read the instructions on your pet food package very carefully and measure the food accurately before feeding it to your dog.


  1. Take a resolution to give your dog regular exercise

This year we saw a lot of ups and downs, we could not take our dogs out for walks because of the  lock down. However it is time that you take a resolution to make sure that your dog gets the adequate amount of exercise daily in the year 2021. Whether you are stuck indoors, have office work or are under lock down by the mandates of your government, your dog’s  regular exercise  must not be put in the back burner at any cost. If you don’t know how to keep your dog engaged or busy when indoors or how to exercise your dog if you cannot go out, follow the hyperlinks to gain information about the same. You can also make a few homemade dog toys for your pooch.


  1. New training and tricks

So you have orderly torture pup the commands of sit, down, rolled over, stand, speak, come here etc.  Why not each your dog a few new tricks this year? Training your dog not only makes your dog more obedient and instills a sense of discipline in them, it also increases the bond you have with your pup. You can know more about you and your dog by clicking here.


  1. Try out a new activity

Are you a person who goes on hikes, bike riding, sledding, kayaking or fishing? If you do any of these, why not take your dog along with you? If you don’t do any of these why not start a new hobby with your dog? Doing activities together will not only strengthen your bond but it will also reinforce your dog’s brain with all the commands that he or she knows. This will act as a bonding experience as well as a good exercise time both for you as well as your dog.


  1. Promise yourself to have more playtime with your dog

With the lifting of the lockdown, a lot of dogs have  since suffered from elevated separation anxiety due the sudden absence of their parents. Playtime is a great way to reduce your dog’s anxiety. It also tires out your dog and make your dog more obedient the commands. Fix a time every day to play with your dog and try to not dedicate that time to any other work. Dogs are creatures of habit. If there is any change in their schedule it can cause an unrest in their minds. Thus, always make sure to stick to the schedule you have decided on.


  1. Annual veterinary checkup of your dog

Just like readable for regular health checkups, our dogs also deserve the same. Fix up an annual appointment with your vet and get your dog regularly checked. This will not only help your veterinarians detect any potentially life-threatening problems early, it will also keep your mind at ease.


  1. Update the ID information of your dog

Have you change houses, your phone number, or lost your dog’s ID tag? If there is any kind of information that needs to be updated on your dog’s ID, now is the time to do it. Get your dog’s ID tag and microchip information updated so that you are all ready and set for 2021.

  1. Remove the old and potentially harmful toys

There are times we need to clean our houses, and remove the clutter that has accumulated the. Similarly, in case of your dog, there may be old toys which may have become germ infected, are super dirty or just old and hanging by a thread. This is the time to clear others with toys and get some fresh new ones for your pup. If you want you can also make some homemade dog toys (you can find the details here) for your pup as a homemade new year gift.


  1. Grooming time

Grooming is not something which needs to be done when you see your dog to the groomers. You can do a little bit of your dog grooming right in the safety of your home. Grooming not only removes the excessive fur from the coat’s, it also allows the board your love your dog to get distributed from the first to the coat. This allows the court to be shiny and healthy. Furthermore, grooming your dog can act as a bonding time between you and your pup. Dogs are very sensitive creatures. Just like the understand someone is ignoring them, they can feel your love and care when you groom them regularly. So go ahead, add this to your New Year’s solution and fix a schedule.


  1. Take a resolution to create a happy safe and caring home for your dog.

We love our dogs and they would not want anything bad to happen to them. Since our dogs spent most the time in either the backyard, garden or home, it is our responsibility to make the space as safe for them as we can. You can do this by making sure that all the potentially harmful substances like medications or cleaning products are kept inside locked cabinets which your dog cannot easily open or reach. You can also introduce some dog friendly creations to help you keep your home tidy and clean.


  1. Do more research on the natural ways to keep your dog healthy

The last thing we want is for our dogs to fall sick. However, it is inevitable. That dreaded day always comes in every dog guardian’s life when their dog sick. However, having the prior knowledge of holistic medications and natural approaches for immediate treatment of your dog can be of immense help during emergency situations. I will add links of the articles which are focused on natural treatment options to keep your dog  healthy and happy.

  1. Learn more about dog psychology

As a dog guardian, there is nothing better than if you can understand what your dog is trying to communicate to you. Learning the body language of your dog and how dogs communicate in general can help you understand your dog psychology better and strengthen the bond between you and your pup.


  1. Take a resolution to capture all the little moments

It does not matter whether your dog is a puppy or a senior dog. Every moment you spend with your dog is special, not only do you but for your dog as well. Make sure to capture all these beautiful moments. When you reach the end of 2021, you can make a big collage out of it, make a calendar or put it in the slideshow for your family and friends to watch. Check out this post to know all the things you can do with your pup when stuck at home.


  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Not every dog is as lucky as your pup to have made it to a family which loves him or her. Thus, the exterior, make a resolution to spend some time every week at your local animal shelter. Ta few moments of love and attention from you can make a world of difference to them. You might make a new friend or get a new family member even..!


  1. Clean your dog’s items more often

This is one of the best ways to keep your house clean. Clean your dog’s bed, toys, blankets,  towels etc. on a specific day of the week. During the clearing. If you find anything which may be a potential hazard, throw it away.


Let me know in the comment section, which of the above resolutions you are planning to work on. If you have a suggestion which I have failed to include in the blog post, please mention it in the comment section below

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See you in my next blog post


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