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Dog arthritis: 17 brilliant home remedies

It is time to know the available home remedies of arthritis which can give your dog a better quality of life. Arthritis is a very debilitating   condition. It can affect both humans and dogs. In my previous post , I had discussed the symptoms of dog arthritis, the causes behind it, the treatment for the same as well as the do's and don'ts of a dog guardian caring for   an arthritic dog. In the current post, I’m going to discuss 17 brilliant home remedies available to treat your dog’s arthritis and make his or her life easier.

Arthritis in dogs: The DO's and DON'Ts for a dog guardian

Arthritis in dogs: what you need to know to make your dog's life healthier

Itching in dogs: 10 best home remedies

Home remedies to reduce itching (pruritus) in dogs As a dog guardian you must have noticed your dog scratching or it himself or herself. It is not an uncommon sight. However, if your dog scratches himself or herself too much, it can be a cause of concern. In this post, I will discuss the factors which contribute to itching and the home remedies you can use to reduce the same in your pup. Why do dogs itch? Pruritus or itching, as we commonly know it, is defined as an uncomfortable skin sensation which causes the dog to scratch himself or herself. Itching is just a symptom, it is not the disease or a diagnosis. The most common causes behind your dog itching himself or herself can be allergies, parasites or infection. It can either be confined to a specific area or it can be generalized throughout the body. Common causes behind itching in dogs: Mites or fleas infestation Bacterial or fungal infection Allergy Insect bite If your dog’s itching reduces after an antibiotic course, in that cas