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Bleeding in dogs: Quick guide in case of an emergency

How to quickly and precisely reduce bleeding in dogs in case of an emergency? Dogs play rough. I am yet to see a dog who prefers to sit and play with his siblings when healthy. Usually there is a lot of teeth and paws involved. Under such circumstances there are bound to be cut and bruises resulting in bleeding. The dog's legs and paws are vulnerable to injury from nails or other sharp objects, and they will heavily bleed if cut. Dog's ears also bleed heavily when injured because the skin over the ear is very thin. Bleeding in dogs can be fatal if not brought under control soon. What do you do in such a situation? A blood loss of even two teaspoons per pound of body weight can cause your dog to go into shock. The primary signs of shock are: white or pale gums rapid breathing or rapid heartbeat.  If the bleeding is not stopped soon enough, it may even cause death. Thus, it is imperative for every dog guardian to know how to stop or at least get the bleeding under control for a

Probiotics for dogs, the myth uncovered

Probiotics for dogs, the good, bad and the ugly...

Excessive shedding in dogs: causes, treatment, home remedies

Is your dog shedding all over the house? Here are 14 solutions to reduce excessive shedding in dogs. Are you a dog guardian/parent? If yes, then you must have experience with dog hair lining almost every part of your household, be it the bed, sofa or floors. However, if your dog is shedding more than normal limits, it can be a cause of concern. Read on to find out the causes behind excessive shedding and how to reduce the same. Dogs belonging to certain breeds like Newfoundlands, Golden retrievers , German Shepard’s, Pekingese etc. tend to shed a lot. On the other hand, breeds like Border Terriers, Dachshunds, Poodles, Basenji shed negligibly. Different breeds of dogs shed in different manner. Some breeds shed all year round while others shed seasonally. The shedding tendency depends on the type of fur coat your dog has been endowed with. For example, a Golden retriever has a thick double coated fur, as a result of which these dogs shed all year round. Delta has a single fur c

Your dog's age in human years

What is your dog's age in human years? The topic that I am writing this article on is something that has intrigued me a lot over the years. I have always loved dogs and wished that they lived as long as humans . Sadly, we don't always get what we wish for. Delta is currently one and a half years old. Even though I always refer to him as my baby boy, deep down I know he is anything but a baby. So how do I find out your dog's age in human years? The old calculation for finding out your dogs age in human years: As per the old theory, one year of your dog equals to 7 human years. Thus, if your dog is 1 year old, he/she is 7 years old in human age. If your dog is 5 years old, he/she is 35 years old in human age. So every time you wish to calculate the human age equivalent for any dog, multiply your dog's age with 7. As per current research, the above mentioned formula does not hold true for calculating a dogs age in human age. Other articles you might find inte

Allergies in dogs: signs, symptoms and treatment

Signs of allergy in dogs and the treatments