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25 May 2020

Dog ear infection: Complete guide on identification, diagnosis, treatment and home remedies.

Dog ear infection: everything you need to know as a dog guardian
12 May 2020

Dogs paw pads: 6 amazing and easy care tips

Let's talk about one of the most ignored part of the dog anatomy, the paw pads.
04 May 2020

Arnica for dogs. 16 amazing benefits

Why is Arnica Montana a wonder drug for dogs?? Arnica Montana is one of the oldest and time tested drug of the homoeopathy regime. If you have been following my blog, you know that I am all in favor of herbal remedies and non-side effect medication for my boy and foster kids. I do not like to take unnecessary risks by administering him any kind of pain killer (NSAIDs) which might cause side effects in the future. I know a lot of you would want the same thing for your pups too. Today, I bring you the best homoeopathic remedy, arnica for dogs which I have personally used and can guarantee positive results. Other articles you might be interested in:  11 symptoms your DOG IS IN PAIN and what to do Effects of administering NSAIDs to dogs (pain killers) Herbal remedies for pain management in dogs (PART I) Herbal remedies for pain management in dogs (PART II) Arnica Montana can have a wide variety of effects on dogs Thus, for this post, I bring you a detailed explan