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Why do dogs eat grass?

Ever wondered why does your dog tend to eat grass when you take him out for his walk? Most of the time when Delta is out on his walk, he tends to munch on the grass on the side of the road. Despite being a chicken loving pup, his obsession with eating grass is quite intriguing to me. Considering the fact that he hates cows, why is he taking up their habits?? Could it be that he is  Sick? Hungry? Bored? Become a vegetarian?? Thus, I decided to find out the reason behind such behavior. Stay tuned if this is something that has been perplexing you too... Are you perplexed by the same behavior being displayed by your pup? Yes? Then you are at the right place. NO time to read? Watch the video instead: Let's start with a label. What is this grass-eating behavior referred to as? This type of behavior is called  PICA. What is PICA? PICA is technically used to refer to a disorder in which your dog eats items which are not food (any item which ha

Is CBD oil a good option for dogs?

Right now the whole world is talking about CBD (medical marijuana) oil and its benefits in providing relief from ailments like seizures, anxiety, pain and even cancer. On several Facebook groups, I saw people recommending CBD for dogs suffering from anxiety. 

7 things to do with your dog when in lockdown or at home

7 ways to have an enjoyable lockdown with your dog So you are stuck in quarantine. You are missing going to work every day, meeting your friends,  having a social life. Here are 7 ways you can make your lockdown enjoyable with your pup...!! You have cleaned your house, played video games, tried your hand at cooking and now it feels like the walls are coming closer and you are starting to feel suffocated. One can only take so much of  self-isolation. So what to do now? How to make your days easier to pass? The one thing I can tell you for sure is that there is someone who is extremely happy to have you home and all to himself/ herself... that person is YOUR DOG..!!! On any normal day (a day without lockdown) our dogs don't see us lounging around the house. What they see is us running hither thither for our work. Even when we are home we are worried about the work the next day. However, right now, there is no work to worry about for tomorrow. You may feel like clawing th

Your training methods can make or break your dog

Why does your training style matter for your dog's future behavior?