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31 December 2020

2021 resolutions for all dog guardians

 It is the time of the year to take some new resolutions to ensure a better 2021 for your dog.
27 November 2020

Counterconditioning and desensitization in dogs

Counter conditioning and desensitization might be the key to breaking separation anxiety in dogs. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety usually engage in unwanted behaviors like excessive vocalization, property destruction etc. when they are left alone. This causes distress to the dog as well as his or her guardian. Such behaviors usually end up with the dog back in the shelter.   Although there is a limited amount of research in this field, it has been observed that dogs tend to develop such behavior if they are males, found or adopted from shelters, separated from their litter-mates before 60 days or lose a beloved family member to whom he or she was attached to. One of the prime ways to reduce separation anxiety in dogs is counter conditioning and desensitization.
17 September 2020

9 treatment strategies for dogs suffering from separation anxiety

Causes and treatment of separation anxiety in dogs
12 September 2020

Separation anxiety in dogs: 11 identification criterias

  Symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs
04 September 2020

Get rid of fleas naturally: 30 incredible ways

Fleas are the nightmare of any dog guardian.  Not only will these tiny bloodsucking parasites trouble your dog and cause excessive itching as well as scratching, once they are in your house, the will lay eggs on your carpet, furniture as well as any other place they can get an access to.
28 August 2020

Dog arthritis: 17 brilliant home remedies

It is time to know the available home remedies of arthritis which can give your dog a better quality of life. Arthritis is a very debilitating   condition. It can affect both humans and dogs. In my previous post , I had discussed the symptoms of dog arthritis, the causes behind it, the treatment for the same as well as the do's and don'ts of a dog guardian caring for   an arthritic dog. In the current post, I’m going to discuss 17 brilliant home remedies available to treat your dog’s arthritis and make his or her life easier.
20 August 2020

Arthritis in dogs: The DO's and DON'Ts for a dog guardian

Arthritis in dogs: what you need to know to make your dog's life healthier
06 August 2020

Itching in dogs: 10 best home remedies

Home remedies to reduce itching (pruritus) in dogs As a dog guardian you must have noticed your dog scratching or it himself or herself. It is not an uncommon sight. However, if your dog scratches himself or herself too much, it can be a cause of concern. In this post, I will discuss the factors which contribute to itching and the home remedies you can use to reduce the same in your pup. Why do dogs itch? Pruritus or itching, as we commonly know it, is defined as an uncomfortable skin sensation which causes the dog to scratch himself or herself. Itching is just a symptom, it is not the disease or a diagnosis. The most common causes behind your dog itching himself or herself can be allergies, parasites or infection. It can either be confined to a specific area or it can be generalized throughout the body. Common causes behind itching in dogs: Mites or fleas infestation Bacterial or fungal infection Allergy Insect bite If your dog’s itching reduces after an antibiotic course, in that cas
31 July 2020

Bleeding in dogs: Quick guide in case of an emergency

How to quickly and precisely reduce bleeding in dogs in case of an emergency? Dogs play rough. I am yet to see a dog who prefers to sit and play with his siblings when healthy. Usually there is a lot of teeth and paws involved. Under such circumstances there are bound to be cut and bruises resulting in bleeding. The dog's legs and paws are vulnerable to injury from nails or other sharp objects, and they will heavily bleed if cut. Dog's ears also bleed heavily when injured because the skin over the ear is very thin. Bleeding in dogs can be fatal if not brought under control soon. What do you do in such a situation? A blood loss of even two teaspoons per pound of body weight can cause your dog to go into shock. The primary signs of shock are: white or pale gums rapid breathing or rapid heartbeat.  If the bleeding is not stopped soon enough, it may even cause death. Thus, it is imperative for every dog guardian to know how to stop or at least get the bleeding under control for a
24 July 2020

Probiotics for dogs, the myth uncovered

Probiotics for dogs, the good, bad and the ugly...
14 July 2020

Excessive shedding in dogs: causes, treatment, home remedies

Is your dog shedding all over the house? Here are 14 solutions to reduce excessive shedding in dogs. Are you a dog guardian/parent? If yes, then you must have experience with dog hair lining almost every part of your household, be it the bed, sofa or floors. However, if your dog is shedding more than normal limits, it can be a cause of concern. Read on to find out the causes behind excessive shedding and how to reduce the same. Dogs belonging to certain breeds like Newfoundlands, Golden retrievers , German Shepard’s, Pekingese etc. tend to shed a lot. On the other hand, breeds like Border Terriers, Dachshunds, Poodles, Basenji shed negligibly. Different breeds of dogs shed in different manner. Some breeds shed all year round while others shed seasonally. The shedding tendency depends on the type of fur coat your dog has been endowed with. For example, a Golden retriever has a thick double coated fur, as a result of which these dogs shed all year round. Delta has a single fur c
07 July 2020

Your dog's age in human years

What is your dog's age in human years? The topic that I am writing this article on is something that has intrigued me a lot over the years. I have always loved dogs and wished that they lived as long as humans . Sadly, we don't always get what we wish for. Delta is currently one and a half years old. Even though I always refer to him as my baby boy, deep down I know he is anything but a baby. So how do I find out your dog's age in human years? The old calculation for finding out your dogs age in human years: As per the old theory, one year of your dog equals to 7 human years. Thus, if your dog is 1 year old, he/she is 7 years old in human age. If your dog is 5 years old, he/she is 35 years old in human age. So every time you wish to calculate the human age equivalent for any dog, multiply your dog's age with 7. As per current research, the above mentioned formula does not hold true for calculating a dogs age in human age. Other articles you might find inte
02 July 2020

Allergies in dogs: signs, symptoms and treatment

Signs of allergy in dogs and the treatments
19 June 2020

Hypothyroidism in dogs. All you need to know as a dog guardian

Hyperthyroidism is a condition that can not only affect us but also our beloved dogs. It is a common disease in dogs. It can affect most dogs and the symptoms can go unnoticed for a long time.
02 June 2020

Dog constipation: The complete guide for a dog guardian

Yes you read it right! Dogs too suffer from constipation just like humans. Constipation refers to difficulty, or inability in passing stools at a regular time of the day. Dogs generally go for poop once or twice daily. 
25 May 2020

Dog ear infection: Complete guide on identification, diagnosis, treatment and home remedies.

Dog ear infection: everything you need to know as a dog guardian
12 May 2020

Dogs paw pads: 6 amazing and easy care tips

Let's talk about one of the most ignored part of the dog anatomy, the paw pads.
04 May 2020

Arnica for dogs. 16 amazing benefits

Why is Arnica Montana a wonder drug for dogs?? Arnica Montana is one of the oldest and time tested drug of the homoeopathy regime. If you have been following my blog, you know that I am all in favor of herbal remedies and non-side effect medication for my boy and foster kids. I do not like to take unnecessary risks by administering him any kind of pain killer (NSAIDs) which might cause side effects in the future. I know a lot of you would want the same thing for your pups too. Today, I bring you the best homoeopathic remedy, arnica for dogs which I have personally used and can guarantee positive results. Other articles you might be interested in:  11 symptoms your DOG IS IN PAIN and what to do Effects of administering NSAIDs to dogs (pain killers) Herbal remedies for pain management in dogs (PART I) Herbal remedies for pain management in dogs (PART II) Arnica Montana can have a wide variety of effects on dogs Thus, for this post, I bring you a detailed explan
23 April 2020

Why do dogs eat grass?

Ever wondered why does your dog tend to eat grass when you take him out for his walk? Most of the time when Delta is out on his walk, he tends to munch on the grass on the side of the road. Despite being a chicken loving pup, his obsession with eating grass is quite intriguing to me. Considering the fact that he hates cows, why is he taking up their habits?? Could it be that he is  Sick? Hungry? Bored? Become a vegetarian?? Thus, I decided to find out the reason behind such behavior. Stay tuned if this is something that has been perplexing you too... Are you perplexed by the same behavior being displayed by your pup? Yes? Then you are at the right place. NO time to read? Watch the video instead: Let's start with a label. What is this grass-eating behavior referred to as? This type of behavior is called  PICA. What is PICA? PICA is technically used to refer to a disorder in which your dog eats items which are not food (any item which ha
20 April 2020

Is CBD oil a good option for dogs?

Right now the whole world is talking about CBD (medical marijuana) oil and its benefits in providing relief from ailments like seizures, anxiety, pain and even cancer. On several Facebook groups, I saw people recommending CBD for dogs suffering from anxiety. 
13 April 2020

7 things to do with your dog when in lockdown or at home

7 ways to have an enjoyable lockdown with your dog So you are stuck in quarantine. You are missing going to work every day, meeting your friends,  having a social life. Here are 7 ways you can make your lockdown enjoyable with your pup...!! You have cleaned your house, played video games, tried your hand at cooking and now it feels like the walls are coming closer and you are starting to feel suffocated. One can only take so much of  self-isolation. So what to do now? How to make your days easier to pass? The one thing I can tell you for sure is that there is someone who is extremely happy to have you home and all to himself/ herself... that person is YOUR DOG..!!! On any normal day (a day without lockdown) our dogs don't see us lounging around the house. What they see is us running hither thither for our work. Even when we are home we are worried about the work the next day. However, right now, there is no work to worry about for tomorrow. You may feel like clawing th
03 April 2020

Your training methods can make or break your dog

Why does your training style matter for your dog's future behavior?
25 March 2020

Herbal remedies for pain management in dogs PART II

Seeing our beloved dogs in pain crush us from inside. No one knows it better than me. I am currently semi- fostering 9 dogs who live in my locality. Two of them have a sprained leg (Guy and Oreo), one of them has hair shedding off her body (Momma Gal), one of them suffered a stroke (Anne) a while back but is doing better now. Thus, I keep looking for natural remedies to help my kids. 
20 March 2020

Herbal remedies for pain management in dogs (PART I)

In my previous blog post,  11 signs that your dog is in pain ,  I discussed the possible symptoms you can use to identify that your beloved boy/girl is suffering from pain. However, our role as dog guardians does not end there, does it? We are completely responsible for their mental, physical and emotional well being. Thus, our role starts from diagnosing that our pup might be in pain to doing everything we can to help and alleviate the discomfort and pain. Although the first thing to do is to set up an appointment with your veterinarian, sometimes this option may come with its own set of difficulties like:
18 March 2020

DIY indoor activity course for dogs

Make this DIY indoor activity course for your pooch and never let your dog lack in exercise.
16 March 2020

CORONAVIRUS!! What you need to know as a dog guardian?

Coronavirus! What you need to know as a dog guardian!
14 March 2020

Effects of administering NSAIDs to dogs (pain killers)

Are NSAIDs really worth as a pain management option for your dog?
09 March 2020

18 signs, a dog is in pain

18 signs, a dog is in pain and what to do Dogs are probably the most resilient creatures on this planet. They try to not be bothered by small cuts or bruises. Since they cannot speak, it is difficult to understand whether your dog is in pain  because of an injury or any other underlying cause. In this article I bring you the symptoms and signs of your dog in pain.  I am currently taking care of an Indian pariah dog (named Guy Wigglebutt) who lives in my colony. The first night I found Guy, he was wailing in pain (I am guessing he was in a fight with other dogs). He could barely get up. He would not have lasted beyond a few days if I did not tend to his pain immediately. He had a huge swelling on his right thigh and would cry if he had to move it even an inch. His leg is better now however, he still has a severe limp. I am hoping with regular care and massage with arnica oil, he will be back to his former self soon.  A note of caution: Never attempt to treat your dog's pai