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Friday, November 29, 2019

A letter from my fur baby (Alpha) to me...

In honour of my fur baby, Alpha

You saved me when I was down on luck
I saved you when u were badly stuck

I followed you like a shadow
Picking you up when u felt low

I simply loved your socks
Always stole them like a little fox

Everytime gave you kisses and mlerms
My life was full with so many gems

A playful brother Delta I had
Took my butt slams like a champion lad

Every night we played before bed time
Till you grabbed us and said, it's light out time

Slept like a carefree pup with you around
You too tried to never make a sound

Always said..'See that blanket in a heap?
That's our son, Alpha preserving his body heat.'

You gave me a strong name
Thought, I will rise to its fame

Sorry, I couldn't keep my promise to you
What to do, the reaper said, 'Son, it's time for you to go'

I miss you too, you know
But life was just too hard, I hope u know

But I haven't been able to leave you
Couldn't make myself to do so

I am right behind you, that gentle breeze
I m in the eyes of the dogs you feed

When you call my name, 'Alpha' and they look up
Do you realise?? It's me, your sweet little pup

I may not be there with you
But I am fiercely watching over you

I will protect you, whether with you or not
All who hurt you, I will make them rot.

I am free from the suffering, the pain
I have lots of friends in this plain

But the love I feel for you
I will always send...from me to you

Love you


  1. A wonderful tribute to Alpha - a loyal companion.

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